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Saaby Consulting has designed an innovative approach to matching the growing business need for highly skilled diverse workers  and the growing needs of individuals who desire both a higher wage position and a more achievable access to a satisfying work life balance. 

Our individual training solutions educational framework builds  a just-in-time worker, who is capable of evolving to meet the demands and needs of a dynamic technology industry and who understands the core tenets of business.

Our solutions for business core framework helps businesses identify risks and threats, define growth strategies, and ensure security and compliance requirements are met based on unique corporate industries and cultures.


People Solutions

PC Repair Fundamentals

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of PC repair and virus/malware removal

Cell Phone Repair Technician

This class provides the student with entry level cell phone repair technician skills

Starting & Growing a small business

This class will help you define your vision for entrepreneurship and business growth.  Our strategies help businesses define what works (and what doesn’t) in marketing, networking, government contracting and everything in between .

Information Technology Fundamentals

This class provides students with the basic understanding of information technology – from hardware and software to networking and the Internet.

Training for a High Tech Career

This series of classes prepares students for a high skill high wage job in Florida and across the nation.

Business Solutions

Security and Compliance for C-suite level Executives

Security and Compliance start at the top.  This round-table series discusses industry risks, regulatory compliance and best practices for securing data and protecting customers.


Software Development Lifecycle

New software can help your company grow by maximizing digital and human resources.  Our life cycle expertise can help you get the right software for the right job at the right price.

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Diversity Initiatives

A diverse staff helps build a strong corporate culture.  Our programs help you build partnerships with local communities and vendors to expand your horizons and your customer base.

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Information Assurance & Security Consulting

Our custom framework builds custom solutions for business growth, security and governance.  We don’t sell old school packages – full of things you don’t need.

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Business Solutions Consulting

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats.  Our Lunch & Learn series, along with our membership program, gives you the access to top level consultants, at an affordable price.

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Memberships & Certifications

Certified ITIL Foundation V3

Certified ITIL Foundation V3

Self Certified SBA EDWOSB

Self Certified SBA EDWOSB

Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt



Certified Florida DEO WBE

Certified Florida DEO WBE

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“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination”

Daniel Bell